USD $1,020,782.00
Raised So Far!

Round 1 USD $0.04 cents sold out in less then 18 hours.

Round 2 Now Open – USD $0.08 cents per coin

Closes in:


Round 3 – USD $ 0.12 cents opens 25th Jan 2018

ICO Round Opens 15th Feb 2018 – USD $0.30 cents per coin

*Note: This offer to purchase Bitxcoin Digital Tokens is not available to Us and Singapore Residents .It is also not available to Australian Retail Investors. We authorise no 3rd parties to market or offer Bitxcoin to any of the above parties.


Many people already know that the soon to become trillion-dollar industry of cryptocurrency, along with block-chain technology, are the way of the future. As of December 2017, Bitcoin made up $250 billion of the $400 billion market cap.  Bitxcoin is a new Cryptocurrency similar to bitcoin, yet is backed by a far superior blockchain technology platform as well as real estate assets and Cryptocurrency Mining. This means that Bitxcoin is a more stable currency unlike Bitcoin, which suffers from high volatility, and makes it a more suitable payment system likely to be used for the long term.  Our asset backed currency also has liquidity based on the fact that funds are backed by a spectrum of Real Estate, Cash, top performing Cryptocurrency, and Cryptocurrency Mining.

*Note no pooling of funds ever occur to remain compliant with MIS rules. Pre seed and ICO token sales are backed by assets of minimum of 40% as per the white paper but at no times does pooling of funds occur.


Earn up to USD $5000 value of Bitxcoin when you sign up as a Merchant.

Bitxcoin Advantages


While most people are more familiar with Bitcoin, Ethereum is beginning to attract its’ fair share of attention. However, the key difference between the two Cryptocurrencies lies in the technology backing them. While some may think that Ethereum must be inferior to Bitcoin given that the price is lower, this is actually an incorrect assumption. Ethereum’s system, unlike Bitcoin, automatically applies the terms and conditions of a contract once it has been agreed upon, which greatly speeds up data processing. The lower price of Ethereum may be more attractive to potential investors looking for an investment alternative to Bitcoin. Ethereum is not just a digital currency, it is a blockchain-based platform featuring smart contracts, the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), and uses currency called Ether for peer-to-peer contracts. This Ethereum blockchain technology is what Bitxcoin has been built on.

Asset Backed

Bitxcoin is not only backed by blockchain, but also by real estate assets and Cryptocurrency, and Cryptocurrency mining. Where other Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin suffer from high volitility, Bitxcoin may be a more stable, long-term payment system.

The Cryptocurrency boom can be likened to the dot com boom whereby afterwards, many companies crashed and burned. Had some of these dot com boom companies invested into quality assets, they may have survived and flourished due to the fact that asset backed companies will grow in value despite a market crash. Similarly, asset backed Cryptocurrencies, despite the event of a crash, will be the ones to continue to grow in the long-term.

Bitxcoin seeks to introduce crypto assets that are backed by top performing real estate such as luxury holiday homes suitable for Airbnb, and holiday letting platforms that generate 2-3 times the rental return of long term tenants.

Our Partnerships

Existing Partners signing up to utilise Bitxcoin as a payment system is just one important reason for an increase in demand for Bitxcoin. Bitcoin Inc has already agreed to use Bitxcoin to pay out 50% of their Member disbursements and the other 50% with Bitcoin.

Bitxcoin will continue to target organisations with large sales, or distributer networks, to use its’ Cryptocurrency to pay a portion of the network. As many people and businesses wish to be involved in the Cryptocurrency industry, this is one way for them to boost income potential at no extra cost assuming that the Bitxcoin price rises (which is caused by increased demand and users).

Expected Uses


Convert it to cash or other Cryptocurrencies to buy things.


Just like Bitcoin, Bitxcoin makes a great store of wealth in the event of another banking crisis. Especially as it’s backed by Real Estate.


Trading Cryptocurrencies is big business. Bitxcoin will soon be able to be traded on numerous Exchanges.

Bitxcoin Team

Corporate Governance and Team Experience

Bitxcoin is recruiting a wide team of Advisors with diverse backgrounds to add to its expanding team. This will ensure not only its long term success, but also its corporate governance is to a high level. This will allow Bitxcoin to be prepared when regulation occurs.

Ethics Committee

A 5 Member Ethics Committee is being put in place also to ensure management and operations are held fully accountable to the highest standards expected of fast growing organisations.


Block Chain Development Team

Bitxcoin has recruited some of the top Blockchain Developers who have been developing the Blockchain for leading Global Investment Banks .

Jeffrey Tucker
Senior Advisor

Jeffrey A Tucker is Editorial Director for the American Institue for Economic Research. hei Also a Managing Partner of Vellum Capital, Founder and Chief Liberty Officer of, an advisor to blockchain application companies, past Editorial Director of the Foundation for Economic Education and Laissez Faire Books, founder of the CryptoCurrency Conference and author of many thousands of articles in the scholarly and popular press, along with 8 books in 5 languages. He speaks widely on topics of economics, technology, social philosophy and culture. He is available for speaking and interviews via his email.

Gene Blackely
Advisor / Presenter

Evangelist for social precurement, sustainable business, capitalism system change. Driving new social impact ventures.


Tejal Davey
Tejal Dave
Chief Financial Officer

Qualified CPA and CA with over 10 years of experience in diversified industries especially in finance, real estate and media sector.


Warren Stokes
Warren Stokes
Head of Sales and Marketing

Success in sales, marketing and management over the past thirty years. Wth a focus on the funding for SME’s and the sales and marketing of Property and Financial services.


Brett McCallum

A leader in digital workspace thinking with over 25 years experience in ICT industry specialising in banking and government organisations.

Jamie McIntyre
Jamie McIntyre

Educator, Author of a bestselling Bitcoin Book 2012, Early Stage Bitcoin Investor, Founder of 12 companies from property to media and education.

Kim Barrett

International best selling author with 14 years digital marketing experience.

Ryan Johnson
Head of Affiliates

Elisha Graeff
Elisha Graeff
Head of Social Media

Scott Johnston
Scott Johnston
Customer Service

James De Guzman
James De Guzman

Jerome De Guzman
Jerome De Guzman
Technical Admin

Jerick De Guzman
Jerick De Guzman

I Count




Will I be receiving a token or a coin?

A digital token that’s often referred to as a coin.

What exchanges will Bitxcoin be available on?

Bitxcoin has applied to several larger Exchanges such as Bitfinnex, Kracken and Polyfinex plus it will also be on many others.

How do I access my tokens?

They’ll be allocated to your Bitxcoin walllet after the ICO.

Is there a Bitxcoin wallet?

Yes it will be released later in January.

Do I need to provide a wallet address?

You’ll have to open your Bitxcoin Wallet then by completing your details.

Can I sell my coins/tokens after the ICO?

Yes but subject to the restrictions set in the Whitepaper

Pre Seed investors ( ie any rounds VELDE the ICO ) have to wait for 2 months after the ICO to be able to sell and then are restricted to a maximum of 8.33% per month.
Pre Sale buyers ( ie in the ICO ) have to wait only one month to sell and are restricted to the sale of 25% per month.

Can I buy in AUD or USD?

Yes in any currency but the prices listed are USD.

Can I do Bank Transfer?

Yes via the site.

Can I pay with Bitcoin?


Plus Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin and Bitcoincash.

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